Neowise Comet - Phtography

Neowise Comet - We took a day off from working and decided to meet up with some friends to go stargazing and in hopes see the Neowise Comet the other night. We live in a city with tons of light pollution. So we gathered up snacks and drinks and hit the road to drive 1 hour north. After we got off the freeway we hit some dirt roads and drove down for about 10 minutes until we came to our spot. We didn't want to travel to far on the dirt road and explore as some of us had to be at work early in the morning. But, We ended up finding a spot and ate some food and laid down some blankets to just take a minute and took up to see what we take for granted. Stars.... thousands to millions of stars. The beauty that comes from the galaxy takes your breath away and almost feels like it pauses time.